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We know that establishing a corporate network is not a one-time deal. The monitoring and upkeep of a network is continuous process. We understand you need to be focusing on your core business and not on your IT needsWith our automated ticketing system and responsive help desk services we can get you results with professionalism in a timely manner. From network support, on-site services and cutting-edge cybersecurity, our experts ensure your technology remains a business asset, not a liability. 


Business and Corporate Network Solution

Every business is different.  Copy and paste is not reliable when building a solution for your IT needs.  With the diverse background of our team, we will work with you to put together a solution that fits your requirements and budget.

Server and Network Monitoring

Your business network needs to be secure and reliable. Through regular assessments  and monitoring, we ensure you have unmatched uptime, seamless connectivity, and peace of  mind. 

Backup Solutions

With our backup solutions we can secure essential systems and critical files with scheduled backups and encryption for safe-keeping, providing you a recovery rate that ensures minimal downtime. 

Remote Work Solutions

As businesses expand and change, so too does the work environment. Offices may need to be linked. Home office areas may need to be made, and employees may have to venture out to keep progress moving. 

Client Owned Hybrid Solution

Almost every IT company is pushing for Cloud based solutions.  That is because these solutions are more profitable for them, not necessarily for the customer.  Seemingly small monthly fees add up to much more than a client owned solution.  By mixing the convenience of the cloud and the security of an on-site server Intra-Play can make a hybrid-based solution within your own environment to meet your dynamic needs and help secure your data. 

Cyber Security

Not only securing your personal data important, but your company data is as well. With more  and more people working from home and using computers the threat of cyber breaches are  growing.  Interception of data, unsecure networks and unsecure communications makes the  chance of a real danger.  With a “Client Owned Cloud Solution” and our secured VPN  environments will help protect your systems.

Repair and Maintenance Services

We provide onsite, shop repair and maintenance, and remote support services—everything you need to keep your office up and running.

Application Development

With computers and the internet being available everywhere, applications have become the future of businesses. We can help you build an application for a smartphone or desktop which will be easy to use, handy, and can help you gain more customer attention.  

Web Programming

Looking to expand your business by publishing it on the internet, we can help you build a stunning website that relates directly to your services and products.

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