Who We Are

What's in a Name:

As in the case of most unique company names, the name Intra-Play has a meaning. It stands for:

   Intra – Internal or inside
   Play – An activity, work or chore one enjoys.

The company founder gave it the name it this unique name because he wanted everyone that worked for this company to internalize their employment, and truly enjoy their work. The reasoning is, that when one enjoys what they do, they show it and make others around them they at ease and enjoy their experience with the company.

From the Start to the Future:

Intra-Play has always been about, professional, cost effective and quality services.  Over the yeas that has not changed, but has expanded.  With the developemnt and investment in co-operative and / or related companies,Intra-Play conitunes to expand its reach and it ability to service its clients needs.  

Inbox 4 Me Inc.(inbox4me.com) - Web developemnt and Programmimng

Tecwerks Inc. (tecwerks.ca) - Hosted Buisness VoIP and SUSE product sales

BackStop Inc  (coming soon) - Canadian Backup Solutions